In September, we launched a customer survey to evaluate what our customers thought of Webcarhire. It pointedly asked, “What could we be doing better?”

We expected all sorts of answers, but appreciated the most constructive.

Time to listen

According to the poll, 84% of Webcarhire customers will rent a car to take a break while the rest, for work, test drives, moving house or car insurance loans. What this tells us is that the car hire deals we load on the site need to tick all the boxes of a holiday traveller. They could be travelling with family, dragging a lot of luggage with them, or not have a clear idea of road rules in their chosen holiday destination.

Show me the money

With this in mind, people told us anything related to the cost proved important in their online rental decision. Hidden costs, price inflation, taxes and nasty surprises at the counter caused frustration for many, which we know is a problem across many travel booking sites. We are taking steps now to improve the ways costs are conveyed to you, making sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. As always, we encourage customers to read the full terms and conditions of the rental contract as this holds key information about mileage, one-way travel and more.

The other bits matter

Others asked for wider availability and locations for pick up and drop off. Thank you for letting us know which cities you’d like to see us offer car hire in.

Promotion was another pearl of wisdom offered. Customers wanted to know more about Webcarhire, particularly because the web is so faceless. We get it – it helps to know a little bit more about who you’re transacting with particularly when we ask you to trust us with your Credit Card details.

“Update your site!”

The website also proved topical where people said it has now come time for Webcarhire to lift the bar on its site performance, user experience and design. This blog is hopefully just the beginning of this journey as we invest in developing the technologies that power our site. Thank you for the pointers.

Over all, it’s never easy to hear the bad stuff people have to say about your site. It’s easy to take it personally but we feel like there was more positive than negative for us to work with. In fact, according to the stats 92% of customers would recommend us to friends and family. We can’t think of a bigger compliment, cheers!

So now, we choose to listen to the advice our customers have given our operations, customer service, development and marketing teams as we look to grow the percentage of customer who view Webcarhire as worth recommending to – you guessed it – 100%.

Thanks for your support.

830 people from all over the world responded to Webcarhire’s September customer poll, which we sent to customers subscribed to our mailing list. Did you receive the survey? Click here to sign up to our Wheel Deals Newsletter .

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