Our international customer base certainly keeps us on our toes.

When ‘potato’ means ‘patattah’, here are just a few of car hire related terms we’ve encountered that have made us think to twice:
1. ‘Stick Shift’ – ‘Gear Stick’

You might also hear ‘manual transmission’ to mean ‘straight shift’ vehicle.

2. ‘Air Conditioning’ – ‘AC’

‘AC’ is a very American way of saying ‘Air conditioning’.

3. ‘Car Hire’ – ‘Car Rental’

New Zealanders and Americans tend to say ‘car rental’ over ‘car hire’ – meanwhile ‘car hire’ is commonly used in Australia.

4. ‘Car park’ – ‘Parking lot’

5. ‘Motorway’ – ‘Highway’ – ‘Freeway’

6. ‘Lorry’ – ‘Truck’

7. ‘Petrol station’ – ‘Gas station’

8. ‘Campervan’ – ‘Motorhome’ – ‘RV’

There are technical differences between the three, but it’s very common for someone to use any of these to refer to the same thing. Americans, for instance, will typically use ‘RV’.

9. ‘Number plate’ – ‘License plate’

10. ‘Caravan’ – ‘Trailer’Aussies say ‘Caravan park’ while Americans say ‘Trailer park’

11. ‘Boot’ – ‘Trunk’

12. ‘Petrol’ – ‘Gasoline’

13. ‘Torch’ – ‘Flashlight’

14. ‘Bonnet’ – ‘Hood’

Are there any we’ve missed?

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