A city rich in European ancestry and alive with Latin spirit, Buenos Aires has quickly become one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations.

If you choose Buenos Aries car hire to travel this great city, here are a few spots we think you’ll love:

La Boca

This pocket of Argentina is a strong reminder of the country’s European influence. Centuries ago, La Boca was home to an overflow of Italian immigrants.

The colourful house fronts are not the only reason why La Boca is famous. Boca Juniors is suburb’s pride and joy for millions of passionate fans, who flock to see their side play against arch rivals River Plate.

La Boca, Buenos Aires

San Telmo

Buenos Aires’ oldest barrio beats with nostalgia. Antique shops are everywhere, and are well worth dedicating an afternoon to browsing.


Escape the smog of the city and head waterside with a 45 minute drive to Tigre. We recommend you take a boat ride on the Parana Delta then enjoy any of the countless restaurants that look onto the water.

Plaza de Mayo

Every Thursday afternoon at 3.30pm, Las Madres de los Desaparecidos march in the plaza in memory of their lost children. Hear their stories and feel latin passion first hand.

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

To experience these Argentinian gifts, here are a few tips for Buenos Aires car hire:

- Driving in Buenos Aires requires a cool head. Locals don’t always forgive inexperience on the roads, so be prepared for honking.

- Use of a GPS is highly recommended. This will avoid being caught out by the many unmarked streets.

- Parking metres in certain areas of the city require ‘fichas’. These can be purchased from kiosks or coin machines.

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