Driving with Kids in the Car

DVD players and video games are great backseat fun but what happens when the batteries wear out or the excitement wears off?

1.    Make it cozy. Set up the backseat with blankets, pillows, and a favorite stuffed animal or two.  Have everything in place so that when the kids get in, they can explore their organized spaces – this is the one and only time it will be organized so take a step back and enjoy the view.

2.    Pack snack bags for each child. Include a mixture of fun treats – this is not the time to experiment with new foods!  Lots of small bags of treats let the kids snack when hungry.  Water bottles or sippy cups for everyone are also a must.

3.    Bring an activity bag for the car. The key to this bag is variety.  Fill it with coloring/activity books, crayons, magnetic drawing board, stickers, small toys and crafts.  Foam core boards work well for lap desks – especially for younger kids.

We are not fans of markers in the car – too many lost lids and stained clothes.  Crayons (packaged in a soap dish to prevent breakage) are our favorites.  Beware when traveling in summer that crayons tend to melt in a hot car.

4.    Include some maps of different scales.
Have the kids find points of interest along the way and figure out how long until you arrive at them.  This is especially useful when the “are we there yet?” mantras start.

5.    Plan for pitstops along the way.
Everyone gets restless in the car for long periods of time.  Plan for breaks in parks or rest areas along the way.  Get everyone moving with a fun game of tag, relay races, jump ropes, or pull out a soccer ball.

6.    If your trip calls for travel at night, bring some activities or toys that can be played with after dark.
Flashlight or book light (with extra batteries), flashing toys and glow sticks add lots of fun in the car.

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Written by: Jennifer, traveling mom of four girls and founder of TravelKiddy – the premier source for travel activity kits and games for kids.

Image by @bunchonpants

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