5 Ways to Share Holidays Online

If you love social media and seem to always be on a new travel adventure, you will quite naturally be drawn to the idea of sharing your holidays online.

With so many forms of social media around, here are 5 tools you can use to bring your travels to life online:

1. Flickr

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone, the Flickr App will allow you to upload photos and post them in one click. This is a great way to share shots as you go.

The App even allows you to write a brief description about your photo, tag, and add it to an album. Your friends can see the photos instantly simply be subscribing to your Flickr account.

But if you prefer to sort through your photos and upload them once your holiday is done, Flickr again is a great solution. A free web account lets you share 200 photos per month.

2. Twitter

Fast and easy updates will let your followers keep track of your holiday moments in less than 140 characters.

What’s more, Twitter integrates with a wealth of tools that help tell your travel stories. FourSquare is just one of these, enabling users to announce their location anywhere in the world. It works by tracking your exact location on your phone.

3. Posterous

Posterous is said to bridge the gap between traditional blogging (See Blogspot) and microblogging (See Twitter).

Use it to tell your travel stories by submitting blog posts straight from your email inbox – great for slow speeds at internet cafes.

4. Blogspot

If you’re after a more traditional way of blogging, platforms like Blogspot will bring your online travel journal to life.

Choose from a selection of themes to style your entries then log in and create posts whenever you have a chance to write. Family and friends can comment back.

This option is great for longer holiday adventures and for people who love to write.

5. Facebook

If many of your friends are already connected to Facebook, you’ll find it to be an easy way to keep in touch.

This is a great one-to-one medium, offering very personal insight into your travels.

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