Easter is the most important event on the Christian calendar, and is celebrated differently according to many traditions and customs.

If you’re travelling you may get a chance to be part of these cultural celebrations first hand. But for the rest of us, here are 5 Easter Traditions captured in photos:

1.    Greece: Orthodox Easter

In Greece, Easter is marked by a late night Resurrection mass on Easter Sunday eve. The ceremony concludes with a procession of followers, each carrying a lit candle. This is said to represent the Holy Light.

2.    Australia: Good Friday Appeal

Since 1931, Victorians have held the ‘Good Friday Appeal’ to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

The appeal is a unique Australian tradition, bringing together thousands volunteers and donators in support of the kids.

Good Friday Appeal official website: goodfridayappeal.com.au

Sunrise at Good Friday Appeal

3.    Ukraine: Hand Egg Decorating

The delicate practice of egg decorating is shared amongst several Eastern European countries.

The tradition goes many years back and for Ukrainians, is an important part of Easter.

As you can see, this craft requires great skill.

'Tis which season?!

Easter Egg Museum, Kolomyya city (Western Ukraine):

Easter Egg Museum In Kolomyya City (Western Ukraine)

4.    Argentina: Rosca de Pascua

Argentinean homes will usually have a ‘Rosca de Pascua’ on their lunch table this Easter.

The cake is in the shape of a ring and is baked with hard-boiled eggs strategically placed in the dough.

Rosca de Pascua - Easter Cake

5.    Belgium: Chocolate Easter Eggs

There is no better place for chocolate than Belgium!

Brussels’ streets are littered with shop windows which are filled with the most amazing chocolate you will ever see.

Easter egg Belgian style

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

DSC00044 (1)

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