Another how-to post, best read as you’re about to book your car rental.

Accidents, damages and break downs can (and do) occur indiscriminately, no matter how much you’ve planned, organised and reorganised.

Mind you, we certainly think there are ways to avoid many mishaps, but if something does go wrong with your car hire during your care, the last thing you want to deal with is a sticky aftermath.

Car rental insurance is a pain for many of us, but coverage that ticks all the right boxes can bring important peace of mind.

You’re doing the right thing if you’ve already got this mind set. But here’s something many consumers don’t know: it’s within car renter’s best interests to shop around to find better coverage with no excess than what’s being offered over the car hire counter.

It pays to shop around

The bottom line is you’ve purchased insurance to help you go on a hassle free holiday. And for most of us, the thought of insurance without excess is a hassle.

Zero excess options are available, without having to fork out a fortune either.

Here are few items we think you should check for when purchasing insurance for your car hire:

- Reduction of excess to Zero – though like for any cover, you’ll have to cover the expenses on your trip, claims should means the excess is reduced to zero

- Protection for you and your passengers – from accidental death cover to health cover, your policy should consider the people inside your car hire

- Minimal exclusions – This is likely to be the most important part of your policy document and by law, you’re obligated to read it when you agree to it

The key lesson here is to not necessary settle with the insurance you are offered at the car hire counter when you pick up your car hire. And if you take our advice you’ll be covered with insurance which boasts zero excess.

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