The updated museum in Athens signals a new age for tourism in Greece.

The modern building is a complete revamp of its predecessor whose foundations were laid in 1865.

Completed in 1874, the Old Acropolis Museum underwent modifications in the 1950’s. New excavations, however, meant the space was not enough to exhibit newly uncovered artifacts.

The new Acropolis Museum has been carefully constructed and offers the exquisite Parthenon and Archaic Galleries to experience the ancient ruins up close.

Tourists have been catered for too. Before the Olympics, Greece did not always offer a welcomed experience for non-Greek speakers. Now, videos and other visuals can be enjoyed both in the native tongue and English.

Great views from its cafe offer the perfect excuse for a break which you might need – a minimum of 3 hours is recommended to take in the Museum completely.

With entry from just 5 Euros, you can find the Museum directly facing the Acropolis and the Parthenon Temple atop the hill from the south.

Image by @ophilos

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