Payment at the pick up counter

People often make the mistake of assuming their debit-credit card will be accepted everywhere – including the car hire counter.

More often than not, car hire companies only accept payments via a valid recognised credit card such as a Visa or MasterCard. This assures them of your capacity to pay for any damages and other charges you might incur.

Very few accept debit-credit cards so be prepared to hand over your valid credit card.

The same applies for cash and EFTPOS (e.g. Maestro card).

The terms of your booking will outline acceptable forms of payment at the counter.

Another thing to keep it mind is the person paying for the rental must be listed as the primary driver. Therefore, the primary driver must present themselves at the pick-up and drop-off counters.

Still unsure? Don’t let collecting your vehicle become a nightmare. Read the terms of your rental carefully before you arrive at the counter.

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