For many, a holiday isn’t complete with their pet by their side.

Similarly, those who need a car rental simply to get around while their own car is being repaired might find themselves wondering -- Can I drive a rental car with my pet on board?

The answer is, generally yes though car rental company pet policies vary.

Most car rental companies won’t charge you for the privilege to have your pet on board. However, companies who allow pets require you pay a detailing fine if the car is not in the same condition as it was on pickup.


- Find out your car rental company’s pet policy.

- Tell the car hire company at the pickup counter about your pet. They will need to determine if your pet is ‘house trained’.

- Place a blanket or cover on any seat your pet will be using. You may even prefer to use a transportable kennel to keep them safe.

- Return the car in the condition you found it to avoid the detailing fee (also known as cleaning fee).


- Leave any trace your pet has been in the car. This includes smells and pet hair.

- Treat your rental car with disregard. Any mishap will cost you.

For more information contact our customer service team or you might like to check out this resource.

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