Before your next trip it is worth downloading some of the many useful travel apps to make your trip easier and more convenient. Below is a list of some our favorites that have been tried and tested by our team.

PACKING PRO- this app is great as you can make lists as you think of things that you will need for your trip. You can also preset reminders for must have items such as passports and visas. Use this app and you will get on the plane knowing you have left nothing behind.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE- the language barrier can be too hard sometimes and this is made easier with this easy to use app that works in 60 different languages.

HELP CALL- you never know when an emergency may strike and it is always handy to know you can reach emergency services fast from anywhere. This app detects where you are from 126 countries and all you need to do is touch the button and you will be connected to the appropriate emergency service.

XE CURRENCY CONVERTER- there is nothing better than finding holiday bargains. Never be caught out when you come home with what you thought was a bargain, but what was really not a bargain. With this app you will be able to convert prices immediately and with precision.

TRAPSTER- always remember when you rent you car through, that you will be able to feel comfortable on the roads in any country with this app. It informs you of all accidents, hazards and speed cameras in you area. There is also an option to find your destination/ attraction by using the search and route component of this app.

What are some of your favorite travel apps?

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