The start of the US summer season is upon us beginning with the Memorial Day weekend, which falls on the last weekend in May. This year Memorial weekend is from May 26- 28.

The traditions behind this weekend centre around Memorial Day itself. Memorial Day exists to honour those who have lost their lives whilst serving in the US Army.

Traditionally on Memorial Day, (always the last Monday in May) there is a moment of remembrance at 3pm and flowers and flags are placed on the graves of those who died. The US flag is also flown at half mast from dawn until midday and there are Memorial Day concerts all over the country.

Memorial weekend is also an opportunity for people to take a break and get together for picnics, BBQ’S and lazy gatherings.  The airports and roads have been known to experience major congestion during this popular holiday weekend.

Our advice for drivers out there on Memorial weekend is to travel safe and be prepared. If renting a car make sure that you have organized your car hire in advance, as car hire suppliers in popular destinations will sell out! Book your GPS and other extras NOW to be sure you get them.

Hit the road early when you want to travel and allow plenty of time to get to your destination safely. Take plenty of breaks on the drive and enjoy the scenery.

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