Recently, my lower back gave way to years and years of bad posture. It turns out I’ve been curving where I shouldn’t and straining where I couldn’t.

A few days of discomfort got me thinking about my last big drive. A trip from Melbourne to Sydney consisted of 11 hours non-stop driving and no consideration for my poor back.

Back pain is often preventable and with some trusty research, here’s a few ways to take care of your back  on your next self-drive holiday. says:

“When driving, sit straight and move the seat forward. This helps you not lean forward to reach the controls. You may want to put a small pillow or rolled towel behind your lower back if you must drive or sit for a long time.”

I definitely think the position of the seat goes unnoticed too often, particularly when people’s height varies so much.

A towel or small pillow is just so easy to take with you in your travels, there’s really no excuse. The same pillow could even be used when flying.

Rest breaks are also pretty useful (even when we want the drive to just be over). A quick stretch offers great relief to your back, arms and legs. Experts recommend a break be taken every 2 hours as it will also help fight fatigue.

Over all, the literature I read mentioned commonsense as  the  biggest contributor to keeping your back healthy. Clearly, I applied none on my 11 hour drive but hopefully with some lessons learnt from this blog post, you will on your next road trip.

Drive safe.

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