Holidays have the tendency to get expensive all too quickly. Perhaps it’s not about the cost itself but the fact spending money fruitlessly stops you from doing fun stuff on your holiday.

Here are 5 ways you can save money on your next road trip:

1. Buy snacks at less convenient locations, in bulk.

Typically, food is more expensive at service stations and fast food stops. Where possible, stock up on snacks at supermarkets and discount food stores.

2. Search for free accommodation.

Campervans offer the advantage of carrying your accommodation always with you, which means you are always saving money. Couchsurfing too, is becoming a popular way for people to save on stays, offering you the chance to meet like-minded individuals while you spend a few nights on a spare couch.

3. Pre-book where possible.

Sure you want to feel a sense of freedom and spontaneity on your road trip, but quite often it pays to book ahead. Car rental, particularly in Europe, can be a real burden if you don’t book ahead. Avoid paying last minute premiums or getting knocked back at the car hire counter because of no availability by reserving your vehicle the same time you book your flights.

4. Save on petrol while you drive.

The main way to do this is by mapping out the best route before you hit the road. Talk to locals about the most direct way to get to your destination, they might have a few tips too.

Switching off the AC and holding a steady speed can also help reduce your fuel consumption.

5. Share your ride with other travellers who might be headed in your direction.

Take due precaution when making the decision to ask someone as your safety needs to come before saving money but it’s nice when the two coincide together.

What are your tips for saving money on road trips? Comment below.

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