If you are a savvy traveller then you will realise that car hire demand across Europe and the UK is at an all time high due to the Olympics beginning on 27 July.

The number 1 rule with car hire when demand is high is to book as early as you can. By booking early you will get the cheapest available prices. The car hire business model operates in line with the principles of supply and demand. As the demand for car hire increases, then the supply levels become lower which then has an impact on prices.

We have already started to notice that many popular holiday destinations across Spain, Portugal and Italy are experiencing huge demand pre and post Olympics.

In order to secure your preferred vehicle and any further extras including GPS and child seats, you need to book now.

So, now is the time to finalise your travel plans and car hire requirements.  Once you have done this we can take care of the rest via our website, where you can be assured of getting the best available rates.

Happy travelling…..

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