Before you drive off

When you pick up your rental make sure that you keep a copy of the signed paperwork and always take the time to CHECK what you are signing for. If you are unsure of anything make sure you get the staff member serving you to clarify.

I would definitely recommend taking a photo of the vehicle when you pick it up. This is just to keep for your records in case there is ever any dispute about any scratches /paintwork/ other damage when the vehicle is returned.

It is also useful to do a quick yet thorough check that the vehicle is in good working order when you pick it up. Even if it is late at night and you are not using the vehicle immediately it does pay to check  it out. Are the lights, indicators, hazard lights, all in working order?

Is there a full tank of petrol? I once picked up a rental that had only ½ a tank. I asked the sales person to sign off on my paperwork that it was only ½ full as I didn’t want to be expected to fill it up on return.

Returning your car

When returning the rental at the end of your trip it can be tempting to drop off the keys and get going…but I do not recommend this.

Take the time to check the car thoroughly and take another photo for you records.

Ensure you haven’t left any of your belongings in the car. These may be hard to track down later.

Allow enough time to get the staff member to check your rental and sign off  the paperwork and confirm that everything is in working order.

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