We hope your rental car got you to all sorts of interesting places.

Now it’s time to return your vehicle exactly the way you collected it.

Here’s our final piece of guidance to help you complete the car hire process:

Step 4. Returning your rental car

- Aim to be at the drop-off counter at least 30 minutes early. You don’t want queues and unexpected hold ups to set you back,  especially if you’re boarding a flight.

- Fill the tank with petrol unless you pre-purchased fuel at the rental counter.

- Check for scratches or for any other damage that may have occurred during your hire period.

- Ensure you haven’t left any of your belongings in the car. These may be hard to track down later.

- Hand in your keys.

We hope you had a great time with your car rental. If you have any feedback about your car hire, please tell us.

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