Got the keys to your hire car and now ready to drive away?

This advice will help you leave the parking lot knowing all the formalities of collecting a car are covered off.

Step 3. Before you drive away

- Inspect all four sides of the car and note any obvious damage. Take a photo if you feel you need to, it is better to be safe than sorry later. Compare your observations to the documented damage noted in your rental agreement. If you think anything’s been missed, speak to the representative.

- Check that the car is well-maintained and safe to drive. Of course car hire companies go to great lengths to provide this, but answering these quick questions might offer extra peace of mind before you hit the road: Are the license plates current? Do the headlights, turn signals, seat belts and dashboard lights work? Is the driver’s seat in a comfortable position?

- Know where you’re headed before you hit the accelerator. Often pick-up points are on busy roads.

Happy driving! Step 4 is the final part of the Webcarhire Car hire Checklist.

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