All done with Step 1? Now, you are ready to collect your car rental.

Here’s the next piece of information to help you collect your rental car.

Step 2. At the car hire counter

- Get ready to present your licence, credit card and booking confirmation.

- Ask the representatives what to do if the car breaks down, or what the procedure is if there is an accident or theft. Store any roadside assistance and emergency numbers in your phone so you know exactly who to call if trouble arises.

- Arrive 30 minutes before your pick-up time. You don’t want queues and other hold ups to delay your car trip.

- Carefully read the Rental Agreement.

- Compare the charges to your booking confirmation. Question any differences there may be before you sign the rental agreement. If you’re in a country where any paper work is in a language you can’t understand, ask the attendant to speak to someone who can translate this for you. Sign and hold onto a copy.

Collect your keys and complete Step 3.

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