This post launches our how-to posts, helping people book a car rental. These tips will help make renting a car a smoother process.

So, let’s go.

A broker, an aggregator and a vendor site are sitting at a bar when the bar person curiously leans over and asks, ‘Tell me, which one of you should I trust with my car rental booking?’

A tricky question to answer, this is our attempt.

Webcarhire is a broker. A broker is also known as an agent and will use their relationships with car hire suppliers to negotiate the best deals for their customers.

A vendor site is the car hire company itself; listing car rentals they have available at their branches. These sites do not compare offerings from other car rental companies.

An aggregator typically compares vendor sites and sometimes even broker sites and drops them into one handy search. Aggregators do not offer any customer service related to the booking or even the car hire.

The benefits of going to a broker you trust is behind the scenes, they are working hard to always bring you the best prices possible from a myriad of vendors from around the world (sometimes even better than the prices listed on vendor sites).

Customer service is another reason to turn to a good broker. Their doors are usually open for your questions about how to book, the car itself or issues from an experience you’ve had with the car hire supplier you want to see resolved.

Your choice

How can I spot the difference? Travel sites have recently come under fire for not being transparent enough but typically this information should be in their About Us.

We hope this information has helped unveil a few myths and empowered your decisions as a car hire consumer.

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