Tips for driving in the snow

People are gearing up for a busy ski season in New Zealand and Australia, with unprecedented snow fall already hitting Victorian slopes and parts of New South Wales.

For many, this will be their first time driving to the snow. Here we offer these 4 Tips for Driving in the Snow to answer questions like “Will I need chains?” and others.

1. Always carry snow chains. In most Australian and New Zealand snow regions, carrying snow chains in your vehicle is mandatory.

But it’s not about carrying them for the ride, you have to know how to attach snow chains to your tyres.

Step by step tutorials available all over the web might help prepare you for the challenge.

Meanwhile, the only way to truly know if the chains you have are the right fit for your tyres is to try fitting them on yourself, even before you’ve reached the snow.

This practice will give you the confidence of knowing how to fit them to your ride when the conditions call for it.

2. Inspect your vehicle before you reach your snow destination. Are your brakes reliable? Are your windscreen wipers working? All these small checks make for a smoother drive in the snow. Don’t forget to check that the demister and exhaust are in good working order too.

3. Make fitting your snow chains a little easier by carrying a tarp or old blanket. You might not see a need for it on your practise run, but when the moment calls for your ski chains to be fitted, the ground might be covered in wet snow. A good idea is to use an old towel to wipe the grease off your hands afterwards to help avoid losing control of the steering wheel when you get going on the rest of your drive.

4. Be generous with the time you estimate it will take to drive through the snow. Roads become congested, particularly while the school holidays are on. Meanwhile, storm conditions, snow and ice can also delay you in your travels. Drive with caution.

If you think we’ve missed any tips for driving in the snow, leave a comment with your helpful pointer.

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