4 Tips for Cheaper Car Hire

When every penny counts finding cheap car hire is important.

We realise this because you’ve come to Webcarhire, where we’ve negotiated great deals for our customers.

But there are even more ways to secure the best price when it comes to car hire.

1. Avoid Airport Fees

If you’re flying in, where possible try to pick up your car from an off-airport location. This will mean you avoid the airport fees charged by the car rental companies. Airports typically charge the car rental companies for having their desks inside terminals and for having their cars at the airport.

2. Consider local names in car hire

We negotiate with a lot of players in car hire – big and small. Don’t be fooled into thinking the best prices lie with the biggest brands. If you’re a little hesitant about booking your car hire with a name you don’t know, compare the terms and conditions with a larger car hire provider and if that’s not enough, contact our customer service centre for extra reassurance.

3. Take advantage of early bird discounts

Experts say the cheapest flights are those listed 11 months prior to travel. It’s a similar case for car hire, where often rental companies will offer cheaper deals if you book and pick up between certain times. Subscribe to mailing lists and hear about early bird specials first.

4. Avoid peak seasons

Top holiday spots in the European summer typically command extra costs. Car hire companies charge more in order to manage demand, particularly if supply is limited.

Events, too, will allow car hire companies to charge extra.

And don’t forget Christmas, Easter and any other reasons for additional demand.  If travelling during these peak times remember to book early to secure a car.

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