Car hire time savers for business travel

When your business trip is packed with back-to-back meetings, you look for a travel experience that is seamless and efficient.

Flight delays, cancellations, confusion at the reservation desk and bad directions can offer the exact opposite for a business traveller (or any traveller for that matter).

If car hire is part of your work trip, breathe easy with these 3 ways to help speed up the travel process – tips for before, after and during your business trip:

1. Include your flight number with the booking

Car hire companies request the details of your flight so they can keep track of any unexpected changes.

This is made more important by the fact most car hire companies will hold your reservation no more than 1 hour.

Read your booking terms and conditions to find out exactly how long they’re prepared to wait – or better still, offer the car hire company your flight number to know your booking is there regardless of when you land.

2. Save time at the pick-up and drop-off counter

Handy time savers for the pick-up counter:

- Have your booking reference number, credit card and license ready to go.
For international travel, ensure you’re ready to present your passport and any other documents specified in the terms and conditions of your rental.

- Pin point the location of the pick-up counter before you hit the tarmac. These tend to vary between terminals.

- For off-airport pick-up, find out about free shuttle services which will take you to your hire car.

Equally as important is the time you save at the drop-off counter:

- Before you complete your work trip, make sure the car is filled with petrol, clean and in the same state you picked it up in. Most car hire companies allow you to pre-purchase your fuel when picking up meaning you don’t have to worry about returning the car with a full tank.

- It’s recommended you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled drop-off time. Avoid queues and any other reason to be late for your flight home.

3. Prepare yourself for easy navigation.

Scheduling back-to-back meetings may seem like a good way to maximise your work trip but don’t let it be something you regret later.

GPS tools are great way to help you get to your client meetings without the hassle – informing you of traffic conditions while routing your meeting points for you.

You can hire a GPS navigation system as an extra before you reach the pick-up counter or purchase a GPS iPhone App.

Webcarhire helps business travellers by providing stress-free car hire. Contact our customer service team for business car hire options.

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