4 More Ways to Save Money on Your Car Hire

Many of our posts have focused on helping people save money on car hire. We see that offering this advice is all part of our service. Our team really do try to help people get the best from their car rental experience, because after all any saving you make means you have more to spend elsewhere.

To continue our last post on car hire money savers, here are 4 More Ways to Save Money on Your Car Hire.

1. Hire a manual car

If you’re searching for a car in Europe, you may notice there are a lot more manual cars available than automatic. As a result, the rental of an automatic car becomes more expensive – particularly during the summer months.

If driving a manual is within your capability, cut costs by choosing NOT to rent an automatic car.

2. Look out for exorbitant one way rental charges

State to state one way rentals of course are possible in many countries, but for many locations this convenience can hit you in the hip pocket.

Costs like extra mileage are covered in one way rental charges – which can sometimes become quite expensive, particularly if you’re travelling in the US. Whereas in Australia, the cost of a one way hire tends to be more affordable.

Our tip: Find a quote for one way rental then compare it to the cost of dropping your rental at the same place you picked it up, plus of course the flight costs. You might be surprised when you see the difference.

3. Stick to the drop off time

Though you may be tempted to return your car rental after the time you specified in your reservation, be warned – a late drop off comes at a cost.

More often than not, returns more than 30 minutes late result in the charge of an extra day. Our tip: Check first if the car hire company have been generous to give you this 30 minute window,.

This means returning your car 1 hour late can cost you the equivalent of 1 day car hire.


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